Adidas introduces the "Indigo Herz Pack," fusing NFTS and fashion


Adidas is unveiling its "Indigo Herz Pack" tomorrow in an effort to lead the way in innovative design. The NFT Bored Ape line incorporates modern technologies, vintage design elements, and Superstar sneakers and hoodies.

Short Takes: 

  1. With its "Indigo Herz Pack"—an NFT-inspired collection of Superstar shoes and sweatshirts bearing the eponymous Indigo Herz character—Adidas is on a mission to lead fashion innovation.
  2. The Pack ties up with the company's "Into the Metaverse" NFT project, highlighting Adidas' dedication to investigating the crossovers between technology, fashion, and gaming.
  3. Priority access to the launch, Adidas' Web3 ecosystem, and token-gated activities is available to NFT holders.

The Indigo Herz Pack's Contribution to Web3

Through its "Into the Metaverse" NFT initiative, Adidas is no stranger to exploring the intersection of technology, fashion, and gaming. This project already provides limited-edition NFTs that give access to unique material, clothing, virtual events, and more.

To further highlight the benefits of NFT-fashion, the company is releasing its "Indigo Herz Pack" tomorrow. The collection, which was inspired by the well-known NFT Indigo Herz, included 2145 Superstar sneakers and 2195 sweatshirts.

The excellent news regarding the premiere was tweeted by the German shoe company.

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Adidas NFT "ALTS" owners will have first dibs on an Indigo Herz Pack. On May 26 and 27, they will be able to purchase their own Pack through the Adidas website, app, and a few international Adidas locations.

Adidas is also pleased to announce the launch of its Token Proof-powered app integration:

With the introduction of the Indigo Herz Pack and the Token Proof app connection, the worldwide brand is moving into fresh, more exciting times. Holders can access more token-gated experiences and have unique access to Adidas' Web3 ecosystem. reiterating the company's dedication to bridging from Web2 to Web3.

Check out Adidas's official Discord Channel for further details on how to use it and whether it's available where you live.


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