Bitget launches Super Airdrop: Exclusive new benefits for BGB holders

 Super Airdrop, a new feature for Bitget's platform token BGB, has been launched. Bitget is a leading cryptocurrency derivatives and copy trading platform. Any new crypto asset posted on Bitget will be airdropped to qualified BGB holders as a result of this new feature.

The marketing for the Super Airdrop feature will begin on May 8, 2023. In order to acquire their free airdropped tokens for the following crypto asset listed on Bitget, BGB holders are urged to deposit in advance. On Bitget's announcement page, you may find further information regarding minimum BGB holdings

BGB holders can benefit from airdrops of any new crypto asset published on Bitget thanks to Super Airdrop. BGB holders must have held a minimum of 4,000 BGB for 15 days in a row prior to the airdrop registration in order to be eligible for the Super Airdrop awards. Based on registrants' typical BGB holdings over the course of the 15-day qualification period, Bitget will choose which allocations to give them.

.The newest effort by Bitget to create genuine and significant value around BGB is the Super Airdrop.  BGB's recently updated white paper lists more advantages, such as BGB lotteries, zero-fee futures trading, unique earning services, and BGB buybacks. BGB is the only exchange token that outperformed Bitcoin BTC, according a TokenInsight research.


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 and Ether 


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 with 120% growth in Q1 2023.


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