China Opens Metaverse Platform Supported by the Government

A brand-new metaverse platform with support from the government has been launched in Nanjing, the provincial capital of Jiangsu, China. To further progress in the industry nationwide, the China Metaverse Technology and Application Innovation Platform is planned.

The Nanjing University of Information and Science Technology (NUIST) is in charge of the new initiative. A formal announcement also listed the platform's initial members. All of them represented various academic institutions and businesses based in the metaverse across the nation.

State-Backed Metaverse Platform Unveiled in China

A government-backed metaverse platform was introduced in China, which is a really intriguing move for the nation and the sector. Additionally, it is planned to pool the resources of numerous academic organizations and institutions around the nation. subsequently, with the intention of the industry developing further. 

A vast collection of virtual experiences and environments can be found in the metaverse. Additionally, it frequently offers users parts of virtual reality and augmented reality. These users can interact with one another in a digital context thanks to the digital environment.

In recent years, China has pushed to advance the metaverse's development significantly. In particular, the city unveiled a significant metaverse strategy in February 2023. designed to develop a sector that, by the end of 2025, might bring in more than 130 billion yuan in income.

Shanghai is likewise attempting to grow its metaverse business, in addition to Nanjing. In addition, the city wants growth in the area for similar financial reasons. China, on the other hand, upholds a highly tight regulatory norm for NFTS and digital assets. However, it has also spoken out regarding Web3's strength and the future of the digital technology sector.


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