Ethereum: In under two minutes, a dormant wallet transfers 8,000 ETH worth $15 million.


A participant in the Ethereum ICO who had not been active for around 8 years recently started. He moved all 8000 ETH tokens to a different address, according to the smart money tracking service LookChain. They were valued $14.7 million all together. Two separate transactions were used to complete the transfer. One Ethereum was transmitted to a new wallet in the first transfer, which may have been a test transfer. The member transferred the remaining 7,999 ETH to the new wallet address a minute later.

Participants who got ETH more recently are still clinging to their holdings even after the ICO whale address was triggered after eight years. In terms of the overall picture, the last active supply in two to three years hit a 17-month high of 12,574,250.338 ETH. The increase in the circulating supply, which last occurred between two and three years ago, indicates that the previously dormant ETH supply is currently increasing.


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