If Mexico Accepts the New Currency, BRICS May Enter the Latin American Market


The U.S. dollar might be headed for collapse if BRICS currency gains market share in Latin America. According to Bloomberg, Mexico and 18 other nations have expressed a desire to join the BRICS partnership and accept the new currency. If the five countries in the BRICS opt to accept new members, BRICS might soon become BRICS+.

The action will strengthen BRICS and put the G7 Western countries to the test in terms of GDP and purchasing power parity (PPP). The entry of Mexico in the BRICS might upset the established international financial systems, paving the path for a new world order.

As part of BRICS+, if Mexico accepts the BRICS currency for cross-border transactions, that may pave the way for the new currency to enter other Latin American markets. If the change occurs this year, the U.S. dollar could suffer the most.

What would occur if Mexico accepted BRICS money?

The BRICS membership of Mexico could improve its trade relations with other developing countries in Asia and Africa. The expanded trade and investment opportunities could potentially strengthen and advance Mexico's economy. Furthermore, Mexico's involvement may open a door for the BRICS currency to enter the Latin American markets.

The action may change the traditional banking and import-export sectors' geopolitical dynamics. It might cause partnerships and alliances to be rearranged, which might have an effect on Mexico's relations with other nations. Additionally, it might change the balance of power in the world and bring the other BRICS members closer together.

Joining BRICS might boost Mexico's stature and influence on the international scene. Mexico would have a forum to discuss international economic concerns and take part in decision-making with other emerging economies.

As a result, the USD might be the currency that suffers the most if the BRICS currency replaces the USD and seizes the Latin American markets.


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