Steps are being taken by Ethereum toward the upcoming Cancun upgrade.


Ethereum has made some crucial moves toward its forthcoming Cancun upgrade after its widely reported Shapella upgrade earlier this year. Additionally, the development ought to have a substantial effect on the network's structure. 

A number of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) have recently been explored by Ethereum core developers. Therefore, these talks and the coordination conversations surrounding their inclusion represent a significant advancement for the upgrade.

Another Ethereum Improvement Advances

Few blockchain networks have made the kind of radical improvements to their utility that Ethereum has. Additionally, the network experienced a major milestone with the Shapella upgrade. Another step in the blockchain's evolution is now quickly approaching.

In particular, Ethereum has made a significant progress toward its upcoming Cancun upgrade. In fact, U.Today noted that the impact analyses of two EIPs, 4758 and 6780, have been the focus of discussions. These prospective integrations would change and modify the network's current self-destruct feature. 

Currently, the feature enables ETH transfers between addresses without requiring the recipient to run any code. The 4758 now suggests changing the function's name to "send all" and eliminating its ability to reset values or delete bytecode. As an alternative, 6780 would impose some restrictions, which would thus reduce its total impact.


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