Binance Pay and Floki Inu Announce a Strategic Partnership


The beginning of Floki Inu's strategic relationship with Binance Pay was announced on Thursday, June 1. Through a marketing partnership with Binance Pay, this campaign aims to "boost" FLOKI acceptance. Users will receive cashback for their first purchase when they utilize FLOKI and the Binance Pay payment option to make a purchase of $1 or more from any qualifying Binance Marketplace merchant. It states in the announcement

The campaign's duration is June 1 to June 30, 2023.

The Floki team emphasized that this alliance "enhances" the usefulness of FLOKI as a payment token. Additionally, this marketing campaign with Binance Pay provides "extra, targeted exposure" for the Floki Inu project.

FLOKI responds

The crypto market had a really lackluster day on Thursday. The debt ceiling voting incident from yesterday succeeded in inciting pessimism within the society. The majority of large and mid-cap cryptos were trading in the red as a result. But one of the few items that displayed a green number was Floki Inu. It increased by more than 2% in the last four hours. In fact, FLOKI rose to $0.00003302 shortly after the announcement.

Additionally, Floki Inu was among Binance's most popular trending assets. It was third at the time of publication. In fact, the token has surpassed other major assets including Bitcoin, Polygon, Shiba Inu, and BabyDoge Coin numerous times in recent history to claim the top spot.

Prior to the introduction of the most recent marketing agreement, Floki Inu and Binance Pay partnered in January of this year. It was then disclosed that Binance Pay would serve as the main cryptocurrency payment method for Floki's new retail store. Following that, FLOKI was launched on Binance.US in April, and its value increased by about 50% on that day.


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