Estimated Ethereum price for June 2023


A decentralized, open-source blockchain is called Ethereum. It uses Ether (ETH), a coin all its own. What does a June 2023 price forecast for Ethereum and its native cryptocurrency look like?

ETH is currently worth $1,896.31 according to CoinMarketCap. After a robust April, the price of Ethereum fell during the entire month of May, trading mostly in the negative. However, ETH has now experienced a resurgence after briefly trading in the low $1,800 level and even lower. Here is our forecast for the price of Ethereum in June, as well as how ETH would look at the end of the month.

Price forecast for Ethereum (ETH) in June 2023

The fact that Lido now permits ETH withdrawals on its staking platform has contributed to the recent increase in the price of ETH. Towards the end of May, ETH climbed back up to the upper $1,800 range and occasionally even above $1,900. With the launch of the Shapella update earlier this year and the addition of new withdrawals on the Lido staking platform, it is anticipated that Ethereum will continue to rise, possibly reaching a new breakout point.

Ethereum can hit a high of $1,963.99 in June, according to market monitors at Changelly and our own research of the current ETH price. However, it's doubtful, and Ethereum might once more fall to $1,796.02. The price of ETH should typically be in the high $1800 level, occasionally approaching $1,900 as a potential breakout to $2,000 may be near.

Although these are merely price forecasts, it seems that Ethereum may be headed for a bullish condition.


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