Millionaire Bitcoiner Discovered Dead after Going Missing for a Week


Co-founder of the referral-based cryptocurrency project ONFO coin Dr. John Forsyth went missing in Missouri on May 21. On May 30, Forsyth was regrettably found dead with what seemed to be a gunshot wound. Police, however, are not currently concerned about any potential wrongdoing. Forsyth was not only a promoter of cryptocurrencies but also a millionaire thanks to Bitcoin (BTC).

Family members became concerned when Forsyth didn't show up for his shift at the Mercy Hospital in Cassville. Doctor of the emergency room, Forsyth. Soon after, his family put out a social media request for help locating him. The fact that the deceased Bitcoin (BTC) millionaire skipped a shift, according to Richard Forsyth, his younger brother, was "an immediate red flag." Authorities found Forsyth's car parked less than a mile from the hospital on May 28.

It is yet unclear whether Forsyth's shooting was connected to his cryptocurrency holdings or whether it was a completely unrelated incident. Police are looking into the situation right now.

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Forsyth, 49, and his brother co-founded the ONFO coin in 2020. Users are purportedly able to receive prizes by introducing others to the cryptocurrency scheme. The business dubbed the technique "network mining." ONFO advertises itself by posting YouTube videos. The US dollar is doomed, a video that was posted to YouTube in 2021, demonstrates how the US dollar is doomed. However, no videos have been added in the past 12 months.

In 2020, Forbes claimed that John Forsyth was a "Bitcoin millionaire." While a math undergrad, Forsyth was introduced to Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technologies.

Bob Lee, the creator of the Cash App and a former vice president of technology at Square, passed away before Forsyth. In April, Lee suffered a stabbing death. Authorities made an arrest on April 13 but did not disclose why the assault occurred.


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