The lowest Solana retention rate among Ethereum and Polygon


The scenery of Solana is still changing. DEXs and NFT marketplaces took the lead early. But it appears that "emerging consumer applications" are taking center stage right now. In support of this, a recent Messari study showed that

“The rise of gateway interactions from gaming applications and the introduction of new consumer platforms indicate a changing user preference.”

Consumer apps have been successful in gaining more than 1/10th of the user share during the last six months, as seen below. They currently control 28% of the ecosystem. Improvements have also been seen in other industries. They haven't been as intense as consumer platforms, though.

Solana has, in fact, been successful in drawing in new users. But there is still a problem. Long-term user retention has not been a success for the network. Solana's retention curve has been dipping downward, as shown in the graph below. In actuality, it has the lowest rate among its contemporaries. However, some networks, such BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, and Ethereum, have been able to outperform others. The highest retention rates have been on Arbitrum and Optimism. But even that is now starting to deteriorate. In outlining how Solana could address this issue, Messari's report stated,

“To sustain growth, Solana needs more compelling and distinctive applications that provide a captivating user experience.”


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